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Neil Reardon Attorney is a Southern NH Criminal Lawyer, he provides general law practices at the following rates. 

Simple Will Call
Husband and Wife Simple Wills Call
Power of Attorney for Financial Affairs  Call
Living Will Call
Power of Attorney for Health Care Call
Will with trust for minor children Call
All other wills billed at a rate of $225 per hour


Court Appearances or Before an Administrative Body:
Civil  $225 per hour, plus costs with a minimum retainer of $2,500
Criminal  Minimum retainer of $2,000 for misdemeanors and $4,000 for felonies.
DWI  Minimum retainer of $2,500
Zoning Board of Adjustment

 $225 per hour, plus cost and a minimum retainer of $1250


Juvenile Court  Minimum retainer of $2,000. (Includes arraignment, adjudicatory hearing and dispositional hearing, additional retainer shall be requested for review hearings).
Annulment of Criminal Record  $600 plus $25 fee to request criminal record, $125 filing fee, $100 fee to Department of Corrections, and $100 to physically distroy the record.


Debt Relief:

Minimum retainer of $1500 for chapter 7, plus $306 filing fee and $50 for postage due prior to filing petition. (This is a personal bankruptcy only). If the bankruptcy is contested, an additional retainer will be requested and fee will be on an hourly basis. If there is an amendment to petition, there shall also be an additional charge and filing fee.

Accident/Personal Injury:

One-third (1/3) to 40% of gross recovery. Costs to be paid regardless of result and are due when bill is submitted to client. Contingent fee agreement to be signed. $275 per hour rate for personal injury cases.

Divorces, Separation, Modifications & Contempt:

$225 per hour, plus costs

Consultations: $225 per hour (minimum of $100 for first half hour). Minimum retainer fee of $1,500 to $7,500 depending on the complexity of the case, plus filing fee of $252 and Sheriff’s fee of $50 due prior to filing Court Papers. Client will then be billed on a monthly basis for all office conferences, telephone calls, travel and for any other time that the attorney spends on case.

Real Estate Closings:



Power of Attorney to Sell RE


Preparation of Deed

$150 plus costs




$225 per hour, plus costs with a minimum retainer of $2,500

Administration of Estates

$225 per hour plus costs


$225 per hour plus costs with a minimum retainer of $2,000



$225 per hour, plus costs, minimum retainer of $750


One third (1/3) of gross recovery, plus costs if debt is liquidated. Minimum retainer to file Writ of Summons.

Business Contracts, Partnerships and Trusts:

$225 per hour plus costs

Corporations or LLCs:

$600 plus filing fees and costs

Annual maintenance at $225 per hour

General Consultation:

All other matters not mentioned above billed at $225 per hour plus costs.

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